Dealing with him right now is easy. Very rarely would I find myself facing reality, actions and consequences. He lives in my head, I carry with me his image in the back of my eyes, constantly staring at it, invisible to anyone on the outside. It gets much more difficult when I have to be with him, in reality. How much can I look at him in a room full of people, how much can I dare in trying to steal some of his time, how much can I tell him about myself without lying, without exposing the truth? If I were single, the plot would be straight forward: dare a little, ask him out, maybe kiss him, done. It’s not.

I would like to ask any man out there what they would do.
I am married, currently not happily, extremely interested in you, although you probably don’t know that and I’m telling you “well, it’s complicated. I am married but I’d really like to get to know you”. What would you think?

A) She just needs a good fuck
B) No way, too much trouble
C) I don’t want to be with someone so keen on cheating
D) What the hell, why not?
E) Other – please specify