Sport is easy. You begin by accepting a specific set of rules on how your body should respond, your muscle memory, and from there brick by brick you build your skill set. It’s easy because you always get what you give. If you train a lot, results are going to come. The less you know, the more you can learn; you get better, and improvements are tangible, obvious and just under everybody’s spotlight. You can struggle sometimes, find difficulties in a particular exercise, you get angry and discouraged when something just won’t come out right, and then one day it just clicks and you’re happy. Problems solve themselves and if they don’t you have your coach to help you out see the problem. You know perfectly well what you want: you want to learn, you want to get better, you want to reach your full potential, you want to win. The road might be uphill, you may want to shoot to the top, but your body knows it limits and in the end you get your own rhythm. Until one day you don’t want it anymore and you decide to quit.

Life is not so unambiguous. First off, the set of rules change much more swiftly than the laws of physics. Your skill set changes too, as you are never acquainted to the rules and every new experience is indeed an experiment. You learn, but you’re actually never sure what you have learnt or when you can use your new knowledge appropriately, let alone the fact that sometimes you just keep making the same mistake over and over. Nobody every notices, not even you, if and when you improve. Problems never solve themselves, and most definitely things don’t click on their own. Even when they do, you may not recognise it. Knowing your aim and what you want is the struggle of a lifetime and whenever you think about quitting you realise it creates a whole lot more problems than it solves. Mostly, since your life is, well, yours and nobody knows the topic better than you, you can’t rely on a coach of any kind to see problems before you and keep you from straying. You may want something with all your strength but that is hardly enough to get it, there is no equation that says the more effort you put in something the better results you are going to get. Saying that you want to win just doesn’t make any sense, since victory in life can be anything
and nothing.

You have competitions in sports and they tell you exactly how good you are. How the Hell am I supposed to know if I’m good at life?