In my country, which for the sake of my anonimity won’t be disclosed, divorce is evidently still an issue.

My ex husband and I subscribed a mobile option a couple of years back, where both our lines were registered in his name, all in a single contract with the land line and internet services.

We have managed to split the contract so that the landline and internet services are now under my name, since I am the only one still living in the same house, whereas we were told the same wasn’t possible for mobiles because our contract wasn’t expired yet. That still sounded reasonable.

Now, the mobile contracts are expiring in a couple of weeks, so the company called me asking if I were interested in renewing the same contract. I accepted, since the offer was good, but after SEVERAL phone calls, I was told it was impossible to carry out the procedure.

The company cannot change the name of the subscriber in a contract under no circumstance. It cannot be changed, even if two or more phones are connected to the same contract, the payments must be issued by the same contract holder and even if up until 2 years ago, my number was registered under my name, now it cannot be disconnected from that contract in any way.

I have to let this contract expire and find another provider, unless I accept to change my phone number (which by the by I haven’t changed in over 15 years).

That would not be outrageous, per se, until you consider that I am currently customer to a company whose services I used to appreciate, which offered me a very advantageous deal, including a free smartphone, whereas any other provider offers me 25% higher monthly bills and requires a payment of at least 50£ for any smartphone.

I am embarking in this adventure because I need to well… separate my phone bills from my ex husband’s, since we are separated, which means the separation brought for both many extra expenses and a general increase in costs since we’re not splitting anymore. I could really use a good deal. Sure, I don’t need a smartphone to survive but still…

I wish I had the time, the money and the patience to get to the end of this, because I am pretty sure this goes against a few discrimination regulations.