In one of my future posts, one of the several posts I started writing in June and never got to finish and publish, I will be writing about how life can surprise you. Unexpected turns make life unbelievable and interesting and full of charge. It can be anything, hobbies you would have never thought about taking up, cities you had never been interested in visiting before, people you thought you would have hated who turn out to be your best friends.

Sometimes it’s a guy you have liked for years who one day decide to reveal to the group he has a one-year-old son.

Today was that day.

I have no time now to dwell on that thought just remotely enough as I would like to, because I have already had to act as if I was simply surprised the whole day and I am going to have to ignore it for the rest of the evening too. Some things need to be dealt with alone with a lot of patience and time before they can be discussed, just as Marcel did, so I am not going to talk to Barbara about it.

But sooner or later, and I hope very soon, I’ll have to explain to myself and the world just why I spent my car ride from Alex’s crying. I need some tidying up inside.