The best place to hide your secrets is in plain sight.

I am a 30-something girl/woman/female;
I live somewhere in Europe I would prefer not to disclose;
I don’t like my job but adore doing a hundred other things which leave me constantly sleepless and pennyless;
I am separated – which doesn’t mean there’s still a chance to reconnect, it’s just a compulsory status prior to divorce;
I am struggling with mental issues just as I always have throughout my life, but I haven’t given up yet;
I am looking for love, for someone else or for myself, that is unclear;
I am not an English mothertongue, sorry for the awkward grammar;

I needed a place where I could empty my overflowing mind. I used to write a journal, but they unfortunately tend to be read by the wrong people, so I turned to the web. I realise this blog can be extremely boring for all of you out there, its purpose is to be written, not necessarily read. Anything you may want to share is muchly appreciated anyway!